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The presentation of Otobilya from the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ugur Yuceturk’s pen…

We started our trade life with the retail trade in 1976 when my father Rifat YUCETURK had bought a part for his own vehicle from Otobilya. After then, he had purchased the company itself. In 1990, I have joined the team of my company and took an active role in it. Thanks to my efforts and the great work of my team, we have signed too many dealership and distributorship agreements. Right after that time, we’ve become an organization serving all of Turkey, especially in Ankara in the automotive and spare parts market.

Harun YUCETURK, who is the third generation of our family, started to actively take part in our company in 2010 and we have started to improve our product and brand diversity and enriched our staff with younger and more dynamic personnel. We are actively engaged in the sales and marketing of many spare parts such as water pumps, timing sets, undercarriage products, gaskets, wedges, bushings, thermostats in the product ranges of the brands we distribute. In addition, due to the special position of Ankara, we supply the spare parts needs of both civilian and military institutions from a wide variety of sources.

“We would like to thank all of our employees, customers and business partners for accompanying us on this long journey.”